Top 5 Learning and Development Trends

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Advancement in technology has been changing all facets of society, including education in classrooms and beyond. Educational technology itself is experiencing a lot of growth and innovation. Exploring these learning trends would hopefully give the readers and students insights regarding upgrading their learning skills and improving their educational outcomes. Here are top 5 learning and development trends:

Classrooms have become digitized

Classrooms are no longer traditional and alienated from the outside world. Pedagogy itself is changing and evolving through the use of digitized and interactive content. Multimedia, digital libraries, 3-dimensional content, iPads, tablets, and digital notebooks are all enabling students to experience and interact with the learning material and not just go through it passively.

Social mediums are used for educative purposes

Teachers who are technology savvy are finding innovative ways to extend academic writing in innovative formats. An assignment doesn’t have to be an essay typed on a piece of paper anymore! It can be a blog post or a Facebook or a tweet where students can write not just for the teacher but for the whole class as an audience, which can make them more mindful, thoughtful and precise in their writing. Commenting and counter commenting on the posts can engage all learners in an active discussion and enrich the learning process.

Online academic writing support is available

The internet has brought forth a lot of resources related to academic writing. There is a lot of variety in terms of academic writing work the students are required to do. These written assignments comprise papers, essays, composition, summary, commentary, critical analysis, etc. You can learn the difference among these from Looking at essay and paper samples can be useful while writing your own. If you are still unable to articulate your thoughts and understanding in writing, are running short of time and feeling anxious, you can outsource the writing part by getting hold of an expert and get the needful done.

Tutoring is within reach
Different online tutoring platforms offer students flexible and personalized support. Students can find an online tutor with expertise in the subject, get an appointment and take personalized lessons through web-based communicative tools and instant messengers like Zoom, Skype, etc. Text, audio and video conferencing, and file transferring features are attempting to replicate face-to-face interaction as closely as possible and enriching the learning experience.

E-Learning is here to stay
The world’s topmost universities are adopting the online model as it is helping them cater to a broader base and create classrooms that are geographically and culturally diverse. These courses, certifications and degree programs are offered by leading educational institutes like Harvard, MIT, and enterprises like Microsoft and Google. Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, EdX and many more are some of the legitimate online academies. Thus, online classes are helping students learn at their own pace and within their own space and comfort.

Innovative learning and development trends are transforming education and learning, as they are enabling students to work in a more evolved, involved, and intense way and create better results.